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Since 1998, LCU Consulting has delivered through the design, development, implementation and support, a portfolio of sophisticated and innovative software solutions designed to manage and report the complex issues surrounding the Mobile Telecommunication Industry, Banking Industry and Government.

Deployment of integrated solutions is supported through a team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers, project managers and IT professionals ensuring that maximum benefit is realised through early returns on investment.

LCU Consulting adopts a staged project implementation process to ensure that the system / service / product is delivered on time, to budget and is fully operational. We have a 100% track record in meeting these essential objectives within our client base.

Ensuring that projects are delivered on time is based on the Senior Project Managers recommendations before a sales process is complete. We will identify any risks associated with the project implementation to the client, based on a detailed understanding of the requirements.

LCU Consulting Project Managers and Consultants are able to rapidly assess the needs of the business and configure a template that serves as the basis for project implementation.


...Expect the best LCU's proven track record, major client base and approach to new IT initiatives continue to facilitate client's competitive advantage.

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